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Growing Your Own Herb Garden

There is no doubt that herbs are almost a necessity in cooking today. Stop by your local supermarket and you will see shelves upon shelves of just about every herb imaginable. These dried herbs are great in a pinch, when you need them for a recipe in an instant, but a rule of thumb I always like to remember is that fresh is best. Sometimes we don’t have access to fresh herbs as soon as we need them. We may be cooking and suddenly decide we need parsley but have none on hand. One of the easiest ways to solve this type of problem is to grow your own herbs. Herbs have to be one the easiest things you will ever grow, and they are the perfect plant to grow indoors where you need them the most.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Herbs can be grown indoors and out so the choice of where to plant them is a personal choice. Many people prefer to grow their herbs in their kitchen where they can be easily accessed during cooking. You can buy herbs as seedlings at any nursery or garden center, or you can choose to start your plants from seeds.

Starting with Seeds

If you are starting from seeds, just about any small container will do. Many stores that carry garden supplies will have specific containers or even kits you can buy, complete with seeds and soil. These kits are good in that they are designed as a mini greenhouse. They are to be kept in a sunny area, covered with a clear, plastic lid that retains moisture. Overall I have had success when using these kits but you do have to be careful when transplanting into larger containers or the ground. I have had some seedlings die after they leave the kit. Otherwise, purchase individual containers, fill with a soil, preferably one with fertilizer, and plant your seeds that way.

Your other option would be purchasing seedlings that have already grown and are starting to develop. These can be purchased, successfully transplanted and usually thrive well once in the ground or indoors in a sunny area.

Caring for Your Growing Herbs

The most important thing during your seed or seedlings development is to keep the soil moist at all times, especially when grown indoors in containers. You should also add fertilizer to these indoor herbs as when they are watered, nutrients leak out of the soil. Herbs needs lots of sunshine too. The perfect place for herbs in the kitchen is on a windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight. The same rule applies for outdoor herbs. If you don’t have a place in your yard specifically set aside for herbs, they can be grown alongside other vegetables or flowers, but they must have full sunlight. These herbs will also need regular watering as well as fertilizer. Organic compost or manure can also be used to ensure healthy, thriving plants.

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