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Designing an alternative electricity system.

The size of an alternative electric system depends on the amount of power that is required (watts), the amount of time it is used (hours) and the amount of energy available from the sun, water or wind in a particular area (sun hours per day).

These factors will determine the eventual cost of any alternative electricity system. A system design and costing can be made according to your exact needs. In order to do this, information on the equipment you intend to use is needed.

Estimated consumption in watt hour per day basically calculated as the sum (in watt hour) of all the appliances used: Example
10 X energy saver lamps 12 watt @ 5 hours per day 600 watt hour
1 x TV 120 watt @ 3 hours per day 360 watt hour
Total estimated daily consumption 960 watt hour
Peak load calculated as maximum power drawn with all the above equipment on = 240 watt